The race is on! The eight project partners have been welcomed to the University of Potsdam, Germany for a five-day long kick-off meeting, the starting point of the DigiUGov project. Work packages have been presented, brains have been stormed, people have met – we are connected and ready for the 24 months long journey.  

There was a lot to cover: To better understand the state of play, the University of Potsdam shared its strategies on digitalization in administration, e-learning, and e-assessment. To further solidify the special role diversity plays in this project, a workshop was conducted, covering general factors in diversity, best practices, and anti-discrimination strategies. Together, the participants collected ideas concerning ‘vision and future,’ ‘structure and governance’ and ‘projects and actions’ in diversity. 

Lastly, a common working ground has been set to ensure efficient communication, great workflow and to always stay up to date. As this project is concerning a variety of fields, we also kept track by paying special attention to the timetable and to every work package individually. The kick-off meeting was a successful event, that strengthened the team, facilitated communication, and set the tone for the coming months. What a great start!