On August 24 and 25, the third edition of #EurOportunidades 2023 took place in Cali. This event aimed to provide Colombian students and researchers with insights into academic and scientific cooperation opportunities between Colombia and the European Union.

Over two days, the collaborating institutions joined forces to disseminate European academic and research offerings to the Colombian academic community. The event featured precise information for individuals and higher education institutions, regional success stories, and testimonials from students and researchers who benefited from EU-sponsored scholarships and academic cooperation.

A key highlight of the event was the CBHE Erasmus+ panel held on the first day, drawing over 100 attendees both in-person and virtually. Coordinated by our colleague, Luisa Villamizar, the panel also featured insights from our colleagues Margarita Lopez and Rafael Calles. They shared their experiences, management tips, and challenges encountered during their involvement in the DigiUGov project.

This participation reflects our commitment to contributing valuable perspectives and experiences to the broader discussion on academic cooperation and opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates on DigiUGov’s journey and future engagements.